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For all your electronic needs from multi room audio systems to office computer networks. Our technicians are trained and certified in many fields to make sure you have everything electronic covered. We will work with you and help you design, upgrade or trouble shoot your system.

Most of us would never think computer or phone cabling needed to be tested.  We figure as long as it makes a connection that's fine. Well in Alexander Graham Bell's day's that would be fine. But now with the new speeds running our networks we need to make sure we are connected as good as possible.

Contact us if you think you need a networkcabling inspection and test.

From custom wired installs for your home or businesses where wireless system is less effective. To LCD projectors and phone systems.

MWL specializes in complicated installations and understand how buildings are constructed so we minimize on frame and structure integrity. Plus we follow local and state code to ensure the best installation.  Serving Texas and our U.S. Armed Forces for over 25 years.

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 As new company's are being formed everyday more and more individuals are needing solutions for small to medium size businesses. Try our award winning Talkswitch system with a virtual receptionist. Save time and money with custom features like the follow me feature so you never miss a call.

call or email our sales team for more details.
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