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Lets Talk Projectors

Most of us know a few things about projectors they have been around for 70 years on the big screen and they have come a long way from the black & white days. Now days we consumers look at specifications and reviews. Well MWL has one more thing for you to think about. first of all lets talk types.


DLP is a super sophisticated light switch.White light passes through a color filter, causing red, green, blue and even additional primary colors such as yellow cyan, magenta to be shown.


LCD is a set of two transparent panels with a liquid crystal solution between them. Light is shining from behind the panels. Each crystal either allows light to pass through or blocks the light. The configuration of the crystals forms the image.


LCoS its first cousin is the "" LCD "" LCoS has two primary advantages over LCD: First, due to the fact that the pixel driving circuitry is located on the edge of the chip, not within the pixel structure. The LCoS fill factor can be as much as 90% or greater, greatly increasing device efficiency in its pixels. and it spacing between the reflectors are super close for a great picture.

 Power Conditioners

Today's power lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to your home's power outlet, AC noise couples into your system's critical components. This AC noise masks low level signals and cripples performance. Low level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambiance in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video. With Furman's exclusive Linear Filtering Technology, televisions, projectors, DVD players, amplifiers, and processors are fed linearly-filtered AC power. This dramatically reduces noise, ensuring consistent peak operation regardless of load conditions or the time of day. For the first time, you will see and hear your theater or audio system as it should be — uncompromised.


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